Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Book Review for Santa Puppy

Santa Puppy
By:  Lynn Cahoon
Kensington Books – Lyrical Press
4 Stars

Jill Gardner and her friends are back in this holiday story of the Tourist Trap Mysteries series.  This time they are getting ready for their Christmas party which will include animals for adoption from the local animal shelter.  The gang goes to the shelter ahead of time to help wash the pets to get them all cleaned up for adoption.  While there, Jill falls in love with a dog named Baby.  His owner was found dead on the beach with Baby sitting by his side.  Jill seeks to find out more information about the owner in hopes of placing Baby into the right hands.

This book is a novella, and it is a quick, fun read.  It can easily be read in one setting.  There is not really any new character development of the main players in this series.  That works for this novella though, because the story centers around Baby, his owner, their story, and of course the true meaning of Christmas. There is a small, mystical element to the story that I found unnecessary but not distracting.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to those who love holiday stories and cozy mysteries.

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