Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Book Review - Who Moved My Goat Cheese

Who Moved My Goat Cheese (Farm-to-Fork Mystery #1)
Author:  Lynn Cahoon
Publisher:  Kensington Press – Lyrical Underground
Publication Date:  March 06, 2018
3 ½ Stars

Angie Turner returns to her high school hometown, River Vista, Idaho, to open up a new restaurant, the County Seat.  All the menu items will be prepared with food produced by local farms.  One of Angie’s vendors is Gerald Moss, a local goat farmer.  One Sunday morning, before the restaurant’s grand opening, Angie meets with Gerald Moss at his farm to cement a deal for Mr. Moss to supply the restaurant with his goat cheese.  The next day, Moss is found dead, and the coroner’s evidence points to murder.  While many in the small town found Gerald Moss to be ill-tempered, Angie’s grandma had liked him, and that sways Angie’s feelings as well.  Angie does not believe that Gerald deserved to die so she decides she needs to find some answers to questions concerning his death.

Who Moved My Goat Cheese is a good start to the new Farm-to-Fork mystery series.  I think those that enjoy culinary cozies will find this a pleasant book to read.  It has a unique slant to the genre and an interesting plot.  The author does a great job of capturing the small town atmosphere.

The main characters in the store are likable, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better in future installments.  While the murderer seemed fairly easy to guess, their reason for doing so remained a mystery until the end of the story.  Furry friends feature prominently in this story including Dom, a St. Bernard puppy, and Precious, a baby goat.

Overall, this book was an appetizing read.  I’m looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

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