Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Review - A Christmas Revelation

A Christmas Revelation
By:  Anne Perry
Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine
Publication Date:  November 6, 2018
3 Stars

A Christmas Revelation is a Victorian Era mystery.  The plot revolves around a poverty-stricken population.  Worm, an orphan boy, sees a woman who appears to be forcibly taken away by two men.  Even after his hard years on the streets, he has a remarkably big heart and is immediately concerned about her.  At once, he sets out following the trio with the hopes of rescuing the woman.  He soon realizes he will need help, and sets back off to the clinic where he lives.  There he finds Squeaky, the clinic’s accounts’ keeper, and enlists his help.  Squeaky is reluctant to assist, but ultimately agrees.

The two set out to try and find the woman.  When they find her, she informs them that she doesn’t want to be rescued.  The men she is with are responsible for the death of her father, and she wants to keep them close so she can find a way to bring them to justice.  Worm and Squeaky volunteer to help her.

Although this is a mystery that revolves around a murder, it is easy to forget that.  It seems like it is a story about the heart.  We have Worm who sets out to help a complete stranger simply because of the kindness in his heart.  He doesn’t think twice about his own safety, but only that of the woman and Squeaky.  Squeaky agrees to help because he feels protective of Worm, and that relationship deepens as the novel progresses.  Squeaky also sets out to plan a Christmas celebration at the clinic in the truest meaning of the season.  The benefactor heartily agrees to fund the Christmas celebration.  Then we are left with the “kidnapped” woman who must decide what the right (moral) thing to do is.

This is a great Christmas story with facets that truly speak of the Christmas spirit.  It will leave you with feelings of goodness and warmth.

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